Roanoke Valley Match Play

Roanoke Valley Match Play Championship History

The Roanoke Valley Match Play Championship is one of Virginia's oldest golf events and is one of Roanoke’s two amateur “majors.” The Championship was established in 1935 as the Metropolitan City-County. In 1947, The Roanoke Times & World News took over operation, which shifted again in 1954 to the Roanoke Department of Parks and Recreation. By 1959, the Roanoke Valley Golf Association had assumed control. The Championship, which is still referred to as the City-County or the Valley Amateur by some, is now overseen by the Roanoke Valley Golf Association’s Championship Executive Committee.

The Championship boasts an impressive list of past champions and has been contested on more than a dozen different area courses. For more than 75 years, top golfers in the Roanoke Valley have enjoyed one of Virginia's premier match play opportunities.

Past Champions

1969 & 1970 Champion - Ned Baber

RVGA Junior Past Champions